Virgin nature and history – behind you

Must see day trip from Split. We suggest you a secret and hidden places to go and
reward you with lifetime memories.

Ottoman Empire bridges and mills – Grab

Enchanted set of old mills and old-bridges built in the pure and virgine nature, with
the spring of the river  Grab ( long about 3 km) and 5 mills, probably dating  from
Ottoman Empire. Interesting is that some of mills are still in operation and allow
a return to the past and see how people used to live.  Hear  even parts of local speach
are based on mills and related activities.

Cetina culture - Mill in Grab
Cetina culture – Mill in Grab

We suggest you to taste some of the tradicional couisine based on a flour grinded
in these old mills, and on a long tradition of preparing  river fruits like frogs, trouts, carps.
For kids of picky taste they offer  a pizza prepared with flour made in the backyard mill.
Sensational is that there,throughout  little willage, you can cross about 10 bridges.
For 2 of them age is not known and some of them are around  7 centuries old.

Cetina culture - Ottoman Empire herritage
Cetina culture – Ottoman Empire herritage

Grab is a village, about 46 km (via D1) north of Split city center (40 minutes drive ),
protected as a significant landscape.

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Roman Empire Herritage  – Gardun Tillurium

Strategical place owerviewing the surraunding aerea  of river Cetina and guarding
the entrance into the Cetina valley from the South and the approach to the provincial
capital of Salona. It was one of the most important military legionary camps
(5000 to 8000 soldiers) in Roman province of Dalmatia – encampment of the 7th
Roman Legion (Legio VII. Claudia Pia Fidelis). Roman Tillurium was established
in 1st.century.  It covers around 12 hectares, and today the ancient settlement
is covered with central part of the village Gardun.  Part of the walls are clearly
visible today on the western side of the camp, and partly on the northern side.

River Cetina aerea - Roman Empire herritage
River Cetina aerea – Roman Empire herritage

Gardun is a village at the top of the hill of Gardun, about 7 km south of Grab and 36 km
(via D1) north of Split city center.

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Nature and adrenaline – Cetina River Canyoning

The Cetina canyon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of central Dalmatia,
situated  8km from its estuary in Omiš. It has been under goverment  Protection since
1963, as a special geomorphological phenomenon created by the river itself streaming
toward  the sea. About 23km from Gardun / Tillurium, Cetina’s lower course cuts deeply
into the limestone surface between Mosor and Dinara mountains, forming a canyon
up to 300m of height. A wonderful challenge to all those looking for an adrenaline
rush, river offers  rafting experiences on its lower course, (from Slime to Radman’s
mills near Omiš), during the summer season.

Adventure Dalmatia - Nature and adrenaline
Adventure Dalmatia – Nature and adrenaline

For all the others, river Cetina, surrounded by lush vegetation and featuring a number
of small islands,  is a great ambient to take a refreshment in pristine river or just soak
up the sun on a meadow  beside.

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Text and photo by Tijana Volk
Apartments Marjan park Split
Apartments Marjan park Split

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